Don’t Act Your Age!!!

Let me ask y’all a question. What is your interpretation of this scripture from Matthew 18.3
Holman Christian Standard Bible
“I assure you,” He said, “unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

How do you take these words?

I had already had my eyes open a little to the greatness of kids. But the scripture I posted was still bothering me. I began seeking wisdom on the meaning. I asked God why would someone have to go back to a child like state. This didn’t make sense to me. So on a hot summer day in my back yard, he filled my mind with a different outlook.

It’s very easy to immediately associate children with being gullible or having blind faith…
This is an obvious fact about children. We were all there once.
But to just focus on those character trait denies the full spectrum of the child.

A child is full of adventure. Always seeking something fresh to do.

A child makes full use of their imagination. Making a box a castle or a stick a sword to fight dragons and Zombies.
There artwork knows no boundaries.

A child loves to learn new things. Always questioning as to why this works this way or that or what something means and they are blessed with the one word they love and challenges adults…”WHY?”…They are relentless in their pursuit to know why.

A child is honest. Not having a true filter on their opinions based on their observations.
They will gladly speak their mind and this is usually embarrassing for the present adult if the child notices something that contradicts their beliefs.
But still, they are more honest than 90 percent of adults. I am in no way saying not to use discretion with words. I am however saying that speaking honestly is more in tune with a child than an adult.

A child loves to have fun and wear what they want. Point being , they do not subject themselves to the personal pressures as adults of having to look a certain way to fit in with this society. They rock what they want to and proudly support it regardless of who thinks what. They are free from the shackles adults place on themselves. I’m not suggesting you show up to work in orange socks and a Spider-man shirt.
I am however saying that a child doesn’t have the same insecurity as an adult.

A child doesn’t lose their sense of amazement. The live truly appreciating the wonders of this world. They are fascinated by the planets, the stars, nature, animals, people, etc..

A child is not prejudice to skin color. We have all heard and saw the examples of “Racism is taught” and putting two different babies or kids in a sandbox and having no issues. This is all very true. As I type this, my white/Hispanic son is playing with my friends Black/White grand-daughter. There is no mention of why there skin or hair is different. They just know they like to have fun together.
Obviously a large majority of adults do not so easily share this trait.

A child is resilient, forgiving and fast healing.
Not letting petty arguments affect their friendships (Not for long at least). Not letting scolding or punishment by their elders affect their love. Often getting over , learning and moving on from the trouble they got in a helluva lot faster than adults.
I can go on and on…

To view a child and associate them with only the weaker traits of their character robs their beauty.
So what the first scripture is saying is that a person needs to hold on to and embrace those positive attributes that exist in us when we our children. Reflect back to how life was when you were 5 or 6 years old. Remember your purity.

When we become adults the majority of us lose those positive traits.
Insecurity, racism, politics, lies, greed, heartbreak, etc…all appear and suppress who we have the possibility and daily opportunity to become.
So to become child-like has a much deeper meaning than when taken at face value.
Now go a lil deeper and you got millions upon millions reading the Bible and taking EVERYTHING at face value and not truly looking for the deeper meaning.  Aside from other feelings concerning the Bible, I also feel that a lot of it is written in code with double meanings and if the reader doesn’t seek a deeper interpretation, the message is lost and misunderstanding leads to ignorance, false belief, hate,  and all else that comes from misunderstanding something. Be it positive or negative.

We must continue to evolve as adults and simultaneously hold on to that which kept us free when we were children.
A difficult but not impossible task.

Stay gold!
Love and Respect
Scott Johnson

The Art Of Forgiveness..

Orite Ladies and Gents…
It’s time for Church… . Despite your age, Race, Sex, Religious stance, sexual preference,economic status or anything else that divides us as human beings, we share at least one common trait. We either need to forgive or seek forgiveness. So if you’ll keep your heart and mind open for a few minutes and let me holla at ya, we will achieve something powerful that transcends the divisions.

The act of forgiveness is very powerful. It is one of the hardest things that we as human beings will ever face in our lives ..but if we can find the courage to do it, it is a key to mental, spiritual and even physical freedom.

Let’s start with seeking forgiveness.
Everyone of us at some point or another in our lives have done somebody wrong in some kinda way. From small words to Huge actions and all the nastiness in between.  We all have offended somebody.  If you are walking around this earth and you know full good and well that you did somebody dirty, you consciously did somebody dirty, I ask you to consider seeking forgiveness.  Number one…it frees you. Number two, it frees them.
Some people in this cruel world will do you dirty as hell and not give a good damn about it. Seemingly they have no conscience…but for those who are reading my words and having your spirit hit and you DO have a conscience concerning what you have done…YOU have the opportunity to do something about it.

It’s none of my business what you did. You know…YOU live with it. You deal with it. You look at the offender in the mirror. And it is up to you to turn that key and experience freedom.
If the person is still alive, reach out to them. A face to face apology would ideally be best.
But if the offense was so bad that that person seeing you would rather kick you than listen to you, A phone call might be a better option. If your gonna get hung up on or cussed out…then get everything you gotta say off your chest in a letter…if for whatever reason that is not an option…you still got email, text, message from a mutual friend or family member. You can get your message delivered. Sincerely let go of that guilt that has been torturing your mind for all of this time. Guilt is one of the greatest tools that the Devil uses against Humanity…
Keeping us in bondage with that feeling. The only way to combat that which torments you is to face it.
Get your ass up off the mat, put your fists up and fight that demon. With Love and truth.
So, accept what you did. You can fool the world or justify it to as many people you feel you need to, but your spirit within you knows the truth and the enemy within you also knows it and will use it to bring you down every opportunity that he can. So own it…Admit it and learn from it. Do not drink the poison again. And most importantly, apologize for what you have done.  And when you do that, you take away that which is used against you to make you feel less than you are. You show you got a heart. You show you have learned from what you did. The enemy can’t come at you and attack you with that anymore…you have freed yourself… And the other great thing is, you have either planted a seed or freed the one you have offended.

If you have extended the branch and they take it, then you have achieved something great. Both parties now have weight lifted off of them. Better yet, hate lifted off of them.  You have taken a step towards evolution. Respect that and move forward and clear your mind.
If the party rejects you, for whatever reason, then you still must keep that weight off of you. If you sincerely made a genuine effort to make right what you made wrong and the other side wants nothing to do with it, then there isn’t too much you can do about that. Move forward and if you are reminded mentally of what you did, ignore it…you’ve already faced it and dealt with it to the best of your abilities.  At the very least, you planted a seed in the mind of the one you offended and hopefully with time, it will grow into forgiveness.

If the person you hurt in no way can be reached or has died…then I suggest to you that you write it down. Get all of that guilt out of you. Apologize and make it right on paper. If it’s on paper, it’s out of you. You can also go to the grave. You can also deliver that  apology to their loved ones, if your choice has also affected them. There has to be a level of acceptance. You have to come to terms with what you did and make it right to the best of your abilities and then move forward. You must realize that we all say and do extremely stupid shit in our lives at various times throughout them. We can’t  continue to live with shame and self hatred, but we must learn from the experiences, not repeat them and we gotta school others when we can to help break the cycles we all are faced with.
Seeking forgiveness is the right thing to do for all involved…Bottom line. You can run and avoid it for the rest of your life and keep that tension alive, or you can kill it and evolve. Your call, Boss…

My Father died in 08. Death has a great way of shining a spot light on everything you did or said up until the point of your loved ones death. I was filled with regret for various reasons and my mind was tortured with pain and grief and questions and a variety of other fun filled emotions. But he was gone…The only thing I could do was speak aloud to him and apologize for all of my short comings and offenses throughout the years.
And I know somehow he heard me. Almost Every dream I have had of him he is smiling at me. I feel the peace between us. I learned and now I teach so that those who are wise enough to listen can avoid this hell and evolve in peace.

I had to face every hard truth about myself. Accept it, learn and grow. As fucking painful as all that was, I came out of the fire alive and stronger. I learned valuable lessons…Number one. Tell people how you feel and treat and respect them while they have breath in their lungs. Keep your relationships pure and honest while alive, so when death does come, you have no regrets of the time you spent with that person. You just appreciate what you had while you had it, pay your respects, cherish the memories, share the lessons and continue on.

Cause if you don’t live like that…That enemy will send a ruthless gang of demons to attack your mind and remind you of every single infraction you ever committed. Every single word you said or worse yet, did not say, will come back on you. So keep yourself clean.

I also had a lot of guilt for what I had done in my past. As usual, continual mental reminders of who I once was and what I did…
I was talking back and forth with my spirit one night…
My spirits like…”What was the main reason Jesus came to earth?”
I said…for forgiveness of sins…
The spirit said…”And what does God say about our sins?”
And I replied…That he remembers them no more…

So then the spirit hit me with, “If God isn’t judging you and remembering your sins and holding them over your head, then why are YOU doing it? Why are YOU killing yourself with guilt?”

That light-bulb went off…and from that day on, I have learned to forgive myself. I have come to the realization that I was a different person then. And I can’t let my past define my present and future…in a negative way.
I’ve met many people in my life who deal with guilt, Many of those who are believers have a notion that God doesn’t love or accept them. So not only do they have the emotional pressures of their crimes they have also piled on spiritual pressure. God isn’t damning you…the devil attacks your thoughts and keeps you chained with guilt or anger.
The act of forgiving yourself and learning and evolving from that, breaks those chains.
Apologizing to those you have offended…breaks those chains and allowing yourself to forgive others breaks those chains. I have successfully done all of the above. So I speak to you from experience. This isn’t just a friendly message to love your neighbor…

DO the right thing…Freedom is within your grasp if you got the balls to go after it.

Now, moving on, as hard as it is to seek forgiveness…I would say it’s probably harder to ACCEPT and allow yourself to forgive.
I have no earthly idea what has been said or done to you. Or better yet, WHO hurt you. But I wanna let you know that forgiving is a beautiful thing.  And I will prove it to you…
Some of you reading know my story but most don’t. So to save time, I’ll give you the truncated version and if you have any interest beyond that, you can read the rest at my website.  In the literature section there are two versions, one is written by my Mother…it is called ‘The Blood cried out’ and then there is my version called ‘The Way Of The G’. All you gots to do is download em…
So, the short version is this. When I was 17 ,I was in a gang in Arlington, TX. A member of our gang shot and killed a man. A while later, my name somehow gets thrown in the mix. The deceased man’s wife lives across the street from where I work and she sends her brother in to take vengeance on me. I was guilty for a lot of things back then, but I had absolutely nothing to do with this man’s death. Didn’t matter though…
I was at work on break on the telephone when I was stabbed 6 times with a Rambo style hunting knife. Twice in the back. 1 in the left lung. Twice in the stomach and the final blow was to the left side of my Jaw. The knife went all the way through my mouth and the blade was stuck in between my teeth. I chased the dude out of the store, trying to pull the knife out of my face so I could kill him, but I couldn’t budge it. He rolled into the back of a truck and sped off…

I was care-flighted to Harris Methodist in Ft.Worth. I spent three weeks in the hospital. I had to heal from the inside out so the rest of my recovery was done at home with my mom being the head nurse in charge of changing my bandages.  The tip of the knife also punctured my Carotid artery inside of my head. So I was still dealing with that…On my 18th birthday the doctor told me that he didn’t know when, but I was going to die from this. There hadn’t been any successful surgeries on the injuries that I had. There was only one experimental surgery that he could try…And Praise God…I’m still here. Between God, Skilled Surgeons, Nurses and prayer, I am still here.

All of what I told you is the extremely short version of the hell I endured and in some ways, still endure. We’d be here two hours or more If I truly broke it down for you…that is why we wrote books. But my story is relevant to the lecture at hand.
For many years, I fantasized about killing that man.
I would dream of different ways to murder him…
One way I remember thinking on was shooting him in the throat with a crossbow…
Revenge consumed me. My hate was strong.
But hate is a slow poison…It takes up room in your mind for where something positive should be. It keeps doorways open to various devils. It kills your spirit…
For years I battled with this…
Then years later, I looked at the man who stabbed me from his perspective.

He had sought revenge for the death of his family member…

Like I said,For years and years, this obviously was something that tormented me and due to the violent nature of the act, it opened doorways for demons of all kinds…

But I asked myself this, “What if someone killed my brother in law”?

Would I seek revenge? The answer at the time was YES.
Still could be. God Forbid.
I would want to kill whoever took my family member from me and possibly, whoever else was involved…
Most of us would consider it and many would do it…
Many have done it.
What would you do?
When I put myself in the shoes of the man who did this to me…I could see why he did it.

I am in no way saying I approve of his choices.
I was guilty by association..not because I was actually guilty of murder. I was no where near either of them when the crime went down.
I am not saying his action was a correct response…
Nevertheless, I understood the thinking behind it…
Even though it happened to me, I had matured to the point I could see the motive.

And I forgave him…
I now pray for him…

I cannot or will not speak on behalf of the other people who suffered because of this man.
But as for me, I had to let go of the hate…

I had to forgive him and everyone that had ever wronged me no matter the severity of their crimes. And I had apologized to everyone I had wronged…I had a long list.
Once I did this, I set myself free from THAT particular bondage and the devil no longer had control of my mind in that area.

The weight that had been on me for so many years had been removed…
The Lord opened my eyes to a whole nother level of maturity and I am very thankful for that…

Trust me, I know how hard it is to forgive. But it’s possible and when you do it, it is such a powerful act that it shakes the gates of Hell. The goals of the devil are pretty simple. To fuck you up in any and every way that he can. This occurs mentally the majority of the time. The battlefield is in our thoughts and if he can control your thoughts and either keep you full of guilt and shame because you did something or if he can keep you full of hate and anger because something was done TO you, he damn sure will do everything in his power to keep you like that.

This ain’t spiritual mumbo jumbo y’all…look around you or look at yourself and you can easily notice the effects of unforgivness on us as human beings. It keeps us locked in a loop. Whether you believe in God or not is beside the point, this issue transcends religion. It is an issue we all face or have faced or eventually will face.

So I say this with all sincerity, PLEASE let me be an example to you and inspire you to forgive whoever has wronged you.
ESPECIALLY if it was just some words…Come on man…Let that go.
If I can rise above getting stabbed to the brink of death, then you can rise above your pain as well.
Call – email – text -write it down or just let it go from yourself in private. If the offending person is no longer around, then speak it aloud “I forgive you” …
Get it out and move on with your life.

This does not mean you have to rekindle a relationship, hang out with or even talk to that person ever again.
What it does do is get that person out of your mind and you free up space for some positive thoughts.
When the enemy tries to bring up the situation again, IMMEDIATELY pray for whoever offended you.
“Lord, Thank you for being with ________ please bless them” Do this and watch how fast the devil flees from your mind…
Watch the playground clear out…
My friend, Chris Wiggins, once told me “It is impossible to hate someone you are praying for”. I put his words to the test and he was exactly right…

If you don’t pray or believe, no hard feelings, I’m not here to convert you to my beliefs. When you have those thoughts about the offending person, remind yourself that you have moved on and that that is not an area of pain for you anymore and move on to the next thought.

I do believe in God and what I do, whether you understand my Modus Operandi or not, I do in the name of Jesus Christ. But that’s me and how I do business…I’m not here to get you on my team. I’m here to help other human beings evolve through the lessons I have learned in very harsh ways. My Wisdom is applicable whether you believe in God or not. So…whether you do or whether you don’t…the truth is, hate and unforgiveness are poison within the human being and I encourage you to go into detox…

I truly appreciate you reading this. I pray that it has a positive affect on you in one form or another.

Peace and Blessings…from…THE MAN OF TRILL.
Scott Johnson
10:49 PM