Don’t Act Your Age!!!

Let me ask y’all a question. What is your interpretation of this scripture from Matthew 18.3
Holman Christian Standard Bible
“I assure you,” He said, “unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

How do you take these words?

I had already had my eyes open a little to the greatness of kids. But the scripture I posted was still bothering me. I began seeking wisdom on the meaning. I asked God why would someone have to go back to a child like state. This didn’t make sense to me. So on a hot summer day in my back yard, he filled my mind with a different outlook.

It’s very easy to immediately associate children with being gullible or having blind faith…
This is an obvious fact about children. We were all there once.
But to just focus on those character trait denies the full spectrum of the child.

A child is full of adventure. Always seeking something fresh to do.

A child makes full use of their imagination. Making a box a castle or a stick a sword to fight dragons and Zombies.
There artwork knows no boundaries.

A child loves to learn new things. Always questioning as to why this works this way or that or what something means and they are blessed with the one word they love and challenges adults…”WHY?”…They are relentless in their pursuit to know why.

A child is honest. Not having a true filter on their opinions based on their observations.
They will gladly speak their mind and this is usually embarrassing for the present adult if the child notices something that contradicts their beliefs.
But still, they are more honest than 90 percent of adults. I am in no way saying not to use discretion with words. I am however saying that speaking honestly is more in tune with a child than an adult.

A child loves to have fun and wear what they want. Point being , they do not subject themselves to the personal pressures as adults of having to look a certain way to fit in with this society. They rock what they want to and proudly support it regardless of who thinks what. They are free from the shackles adults place on themselves. I’m not suggesting you show up to work in orange socks and a Spider-man shirt.
I am however saying that a child doesn’t have the same insecurity as an adult.

A child doesn’t lose their sense of amazement. The live truly appreciating the wonders of this world. They are fascinated by the planets, the stars, nature, animals, people, etc..

A child is not prejudice to skin color. We have all heard and saw the examples of “Racism is taught” and putting two different babies or kids in a sandbox and having no issues. This is all very true. As I type this, my white/Hispanic son is playing with my friends Black/White grand-daughter. There is no mention of why there skin or hair is different. They just know they like to have fun together.
Obviously a large majority of adults do not so easily share this trait.

A child is resilient, forgiving and fast healing.
Not letting petty arguments affect their friendships (Not for long at least). Not letting scolding or punishment by their elders affect their love. Often getting over , learning and moving on from the trouble they got in a helluva lot faster than adults.
I can go on and on…

To view a child and associate them with only the weaker traits of their character robs their beauty.
So what the first scripture is saying is that a person needs to hold on to and embrace those positive attributes that exist in us when we our children. Reflect back to how life was when you were 5 or 6 years old. Remember your purity.

When we become adults the majority of us lose those positive traits.
Insecurity, racism, politics, lies, greed, heartbreak, etc…all appear and suppress who we have the possibility and daily opportunity to become.
So to become child-like has a much deeper meaning than when taken at face value.
Now go a lil deeper and you got millions upon millions reading the Bible and taking EVERYTHING at face value and not truly looking for the deeper meaning.  Aside from other feelings concerning the Bible, I also feel that a lot of it is written in code with double meanings and if the reader doesn’t seek a deeper interpretation, the message is lost and misunderstanding leads to ignorance, false belief, hate,  and all else that comes from misunderstanding something. Be it positive or negative.

We must continue to evolve as adults and simultaneously hold on to that which kept us free when we were children.
A difficult but not impossible task.

Stay gold!
Love and Respect
Scott Johnson

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