I hope these words find you that are reading them in good health and Spirits.
My name is Scott Johnson. I am an Emcee from Texas and I am on this day, releasing my 17th album of original work since the year 2000.
I have had this title and imagery in my mind since the early 90s.

SUPPRESS THE OPPRESSOR….can’t remember if I made it up or I heard someone preach those words, either way, it’s been a part of me for a very long time.
This album and day are also special because it is the 25th anniversary of my “Death”.
I was stabbed and left for dead, due to gang violence, on May 3rd, 1992.
I never wanted that story to be the focus of who I am. I never wanted it to over shadow my abilities as a Lyricist.
But, truth be told, that event defined me and set me on a path, on a course, to something greater.
I have been fighting for the right on the Mic ever since.
Before moving on, I will leave you with the links to the stories.
My perspective. My views. My memories and thoughts concerning that lifestyle and the event that forever altered my life.
And this one… from my Mother’s perspective. The perspective of a Mother seeing her only son dying in ICU. Her memories, her reflections and lessons learned from an event that has also forever altered her life.
So if you are interested, or you know of some youth who could use some awakening to the horrors and reality of the streets, I encourage you to please share our stories. Thank you.

Back to the album….
I have had the blessings of working with various producers over the years that have greatly assisted in my evolution as an Emcee.
Chris and Pete Wiggins. Jayson and Vince Mendez. The Legendary Mike Ruiz. Lowenbad. Shotty Gunz.
Big Hub and Agzilla to name a few….
They all were crucial at different stages of my personal growth as a songwriter and Emcee.
I Have great love and respect for them.

Then we get to 2014 and I meet a Gentleman by the name of Donnell Cook…DBA OthaWordz.
We end up being “Kindred Spirits” and start working on an album relatively quickly.
He had some of the same influences on a production tip that I had…
His tracks were a combination of many different styles that formed one giant sound that blended perfectly together.
I also respected the fact that he worked with loops and samples, like myself, but unlike me, he created his own drum patterns. The fact he did that, gave his kicks and rhythm a unique vibe.
He also layered elements of Jazz, trap, Boom Bap, Gospel, metal and Electronica.
All sounds that I dig…
So naturally…We vibed on a production tip immediately and he showed great interest and respect for my lyrical prowess. The respect was mutual and over the course of time, the friendship formed and blossomed.

Having worked solo for so many years and learning how to do everything myself, I was used to making albums in 3-4 months. Fully dedicated…
The first month I would choose my music or rather have it choose me.
2nd month,  I would write and practice the material.
3rd month, I would record, mix and Master.

I had it down to a science. I figured if these musical dreams were to become reality, I would be in situations where I had to deliver quality in a timely fashion and under pressure. So I challenged myself with each album and became adept at producing quality material in short amounts of time. I also like the fact that everything was taking place in the moment. So my future self could look back and see where my head and skills were at during that period…

So when Wordz and I hooked up and discussed an album. I was planning on doing the same thing that I had been doing.
He blessed me with a group of initial tracks. I got the first several written and recorded pretty quick….
Then I started realizing that this style of music was taking me out of my norm. I was very comfortable writing over boom bap. That is “eyes closed’ type writing to a large degree due to the fact I had been writing like that for years and years already.
Now I am faced with different tempos and rhythm. Different styles.
I greatly appreciated the challenge. Each song required a different form of writing and took me to a different level.

So…what was supposed to be a few months, in my mind…turned into around 2 years.
The tracks became spaced out after the original set and the songs ended up being written during various moments in my life. Moments ranging from Anger and depression to feeling victorious. Every song written in the heat of whatever mentality I was involved in at the time.
Wordz had deemed the album a “Classic” from the beginning…and that pressure to live up to those words brought out the best in both of us.

His production went to new heights which brought out many different things in me.
I focused heavily on making the hooks as powerful as the verses and as “Universal” as possible.
Trying my best to stick to my philosophy of “Verses personal-Hooks Universal”.
My flow changed and evolved during this process. My vocals went to new levels.
And I spent great amounts of time and care in the mix….doing my best to give the listener an adventure in sound when they got them headphones on.

And now…here we are. The title track was one of the first ones written and took about 2 weeks if I am correct.
Wordz had me write to the changes in the music and that required time and patience. But it set the tone.
And due to the music and the fact that I felt and envisioned this hook…SUPPRESS THE OPPRESSOR came back into my life. I now had a title track and an outline.
I had the original concept art that my Dad had drawn around 95 and I also had, IMO, a very powerful and artistic “modern” cover to draw attention.
The entire package and vision I had all of them years ago had finally came into existence.

When I picked up the CD’s I had printed, I drove to my old hood and did some reminiscing.
I drove to the grocery store where I had been brutally stabbed 25 years earlier.
They now have a bulletin board in place. I took the CD and pinned it on there and took a pic.
My Spirit was compelled to leave it hanging there…I have no idea who got a hold of it.
But it was symbolic to me, to return and face the OPPRESSOR who almost permanently SUPPRESSED me 25 years earlier…
I have been back many times over the years…but this time was different. This time I felt bigger than it all. I felt I had overcome everything that had tortured me in varying ways over the past two decades.

May 3rd, 2017.
OthaWordz and I present to you what we feel is a groundbreaking album on a musical and lyrical level.
Being in the game as long as we have, we are able to separate ego and personal bias concerning our work. If it ain’t hot, we ain’t giving it to ya.
So when I tell you, this is unlike anything you have experienced, in a positive musical way, I speak the truth.
We have successfully bridged conscious and commercial to bring you to a new level.

SUPPRESS THE OPPRESSOR is much deeper than a title. It is a movement.
“Suppress The Oppressor whose holding you down-lesser aggressors do not get a crown”
We as human beings have many different beliefs. There are many however who believe in the devil.
They believe there is a dark force that troubles the human being in every way that it can.


Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


I am a believer in the good and evil of the world. I see it transpire in multiple ways, same as you do.
I also agree with the scripture and can plainly see how the evil attacks the human in the mind. via thoughts.
Your confidence gets attacked. Depression. Suicidal imagery. Addiction…etc…
We have to master the art of suppressing the oppressor. Who or whatever that suppressor may personally be to you.
And if you are paying attention, you cannot deny these attacks take place in the thoughts.
Hence the cover with the gun to the devils head.
When we self examine our thoughts and where they originate, we better prepare ourselves to become stronger mentally which transcends into our physical reality.

There is too much to delve into, we will go deeper when the time is right.
I just wanted to give those interested the back story of the album and the thought process behind it.
Music is one of the most powerful tools we have on earth. And I do believe we have given you something that will be of great use to you for years to come.

Thank you very much to everyone who has shown love over the years and continues to do so.
This is a grass roots movement so we greatly appreciate those of you who share the content that you believe is worthy to be shared. God bless you all.

Holman Christian Standard Bible.
“Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

To purchase SUPPRESS THE OPPRESSOR please visit  the following link below.
Thanks again.
Scott Johnson
10:08 PM


Scott Johnson (The Emcee)
IG: FuriousJohnson11

OthaWordz (The Producer)
IG: Othawordz Pro

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